There are numerous conditions of the neck and spine which might require the services of a neurosurgeon. These may include brain or spinal tumors, cervical disc disease, stenosis, a herniated disc or other condition.

Surgery is an effective way of treating many of these conditions, but any surgery carries with it certain risks. Spinal or brain surgery can be stressful, but many patients opt for surgery to get relief from chronic and disabling pain. They have a strong desire for an improved quality of life without pain and with greater mobility.

Discuss any surgery concerns with your physician, who will be able to explain the pros and cons of your procedure.

Once you and your physician have decided to move forward surgically, you will have questions and there are specific recommendations we ask you to follow for the best outcome.

The attachments below, which can be printed, discuss the surgery itself, pain control, nursing care, activities and exercise, diet, available therapies, durable medical equipment you may need, incision treatment, what to do when you leave the hospital, and more. There is also a check-list of things to do prior to surgery, and notes on what to bring with you to the hospital. Your current and future medications are also discussed, and a detailed list of medicines to avoid before surgery is provided.

Please discuss any concerns with your doctor.